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Train Movements, Not Muscles

Trying to understand the different training methodologies can be confusing when you first incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. At Grit N Grind Fitness, we believe in developing customized training programs that are centered around seven basic movements. These movements include squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, lunging, rotation, and gait. Movement-based training for the general population is by far the most beneficial for long-term success and a better quality of life. Since these movements target a number of muscles at the same time, our bodies develop more efficiently thus helping to connect the whole human movement system for better mobility, flexibility, and strength.


Total Body Training

Training particular muscle groups at each session has been a staple in the training world for years. Although there are great benefits and uses for targeting specific muscles, a total body focus results in more real world application and long-term advantages. Total body training paired with frequency facilitates the development of the muscular system while decreasing body fat, increasing range of motion, and preventing injury. The primary focus of total body training is to incorporate compound movements into the plan so that a number of muscles are worked at one time. Isolation movements such as bicep curls or tricep extensions are used simply as assistance exercises to promote the collaboration of total body workouts and movement-based training.

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