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Leap of Faith

When someone tells you to jump, do you ask how high or how far? Often times we get complacent in our journey and remain stagnant. We don't challenge ourselves beyond current "limits", and we end up in a maze that is never-ending. Eventually you hit that brick wall one day and realize that what you are doing in a certain aspect of your life isn't working out for you anymore. At that very moment, you make the effort to change. You take that "leap of faith" that everyone talks about. But how do you keep leaping? And how far are you willing to go? Here are some tips to making bounds during your "leap of faith" in relation to whatever you are trying to accomplish.

  1. Persistence - Stay the course and know the end goal. For your fitness journey or life journey, tackle small battles to win big.

  2. Resistance - Resist the norm. Go against the grain and be extraordinary.

  3. Assistance - Help others along the way. Build a network that grows together. There is strength in numbers.

  4. Yearning - Have the constant burning desire to "1up" yourself. Keep adding to the flame that got you started in the first place.

Following these tips will help you to prevail against that cloud that hovers over your successes. Bring your life to the light and keep punching forward. Keep livng to its fullest! Whatever that means to you.

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