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Simplify Your Nutrition for Fat Loss

We all know that the body likes to hang on to fat like Uncle Rico and his football career (Napoleon Dynamite…If you know, then you know). No matter what, most people overcomplicate this and go about it all the wrong way. Stop starving yourself and follow these 6 tips to simplify your nutrition for fat loss.

  1. Eat Whole Foods – If the ingredients in your food could stump a spelling bee champ, then more than likely it is not a whole food. These foods go through little to no refining process and have no additives or artificial substances. Example: Banana…ingredients banana. Catch my drift?

  2. Prioritize Protein – For someone not considered obese, you should consume .6-.8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. Why? Protein, when paired with a resistance training program, helps to build lean muscle and burn more calories long-term. Not to mention protein is more satiating, so when you say you are full, then you probably are full.

  3. Avoid Processed/Ultra-Processed Foods – Most of the time if it comes in a box, can, or bag AND does not fall in line with the term “whole food” (see #1), then it is considered processed or ultra-processed. Follow this tip and you can reduce health risks such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, etc.

  4. Eat Less, But Eat Enough – Keyword: Deficit. A calorie deficit is the way to burn fat, but you can not go into a deficit if your maintenance level is unknown. Figure out how many calories it takes for you to sustain your normal body functions and from there you can subtract anywhere from 100-250 calories to determine your deficit. This will help you to achieve a long-term sustainable reduction in body fat.

  5. Hydrate – Drink plenty of water daily so that your body can perform its natural processes. You can not expect your body to do what it is supposed to when it is all dried up. Shoot for a gallon of water per day (through food or directly) and be prepared to sprint to the restroom every so often.

  6. Listen To Your Body – Okay so this one can be a little tough. Sometimes you may think you are hungry and really you are just thirsty. Take the time to think about what your body is telling you and make healthy choices that align.

Implement these tips into your daily nutrition routine, but do not obsess. Life is still meant to be enjoyed and sometimes that includes having a slice of pizza when on vacation or having a beer with the boys (or girls), just do it in moderation and stay consistent with your goals.

Bonus: Speed up your metabolism by doing traditional resistance training.

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